Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My friend is called piotralready know from 6 years to spend with one another all the free time. We walk together to school, to the cinema, out for a walk. piotr has 15 years has short blond hair . he eyes are green. is a slender growth is 1.65. was born in Wroclaw lives near me. He parents called jola and Hendryk. a brother and sister. elegant miles is always ready to help. dresses in a colorful and always fashionable apparel. he teaches very well her favorite subject is mathematics, even though it is the best story. loved to walk to school come together with friends is very popular in school is hosting the class and treasurer. has a dog who is called puszeEK got the go under the tree years ago and is very well behaved dog. obeys and August and is able to do different things. the dog is black with white patches. he loves to teach dance at school dances in Wroclaw, it goes really well. also collects stamps and postcards. likes to ride on the tour was already in Egypt, France, Italy and England. always brings me a beautiful gift. always remembers me and I can count on the flat at any time. knows how well he knows how to advise and help. always be honest never to lie. I know that our friendship will last for many years and never fails me.