Work in pairs. Ask and answer these questions.

1. What's your favourite entertainment? blizzard
2. How many hours a week do you watch TV, on average ?
3. What's your favourite Tv programme? tvn;p
4. How often do you listen to music?
5. Can you play a musical instrument? nie potrafie
6. How often do you go to the theatre?
7. Do you like pop concerts? nie
8. How oftem do you watch sport? where do you watch it?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. My favorite entertainment is watching TV/playing football/ playing computer games/ reading books (Blizzard? chodzi o granie w gry Blizzarda? :D -> I love games produced by Blizzard like Diablo or World of Warcraft)
2. Well, something about 3-4h.
3. My favorite TV station is TVN.
4. I love listening music so i spend a lot of time on listening music. I would even say that almost all of my free time.
5. No, I can't.
6. Really rarely, I don't remember when I was in theater last time.
7. No, i don't like that kind of music, so concerts also.
8. I don't like sport so I don't watch sports. Even if i do it's really rarely. In my TV.
2 5 2
My favourite entertainment is blizzard.
Sometimes I watch all day. But now this is 1-2 hours.
My favourite tv programme is tvn.
I always listen to music. When I go to school or walk on the street :)
I can't play. I very like music but I never try.
I never go to the theatre because I have no time.
I don't like pop concerts because I love country music not pop.
Sometimes. My boyfriend loves football. When we are together we go out. Then I must watch with him.

Jakoś to tak leci :)
3 4 3