Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
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Hi Charles!
Excuse that so long as he spoke but I was not very busy. My grandmother fell ill and the whole time with their parents were with her. I had to take care of my younger sister when the parents were. Fortunately, my grandmother has come to you.
How are you going and where you want to spend your holidays? I am traveling with his parents to Gdansk. I am very happy because of this trip because I will not spend their home. We go for two weeks. My mother planned the entire time off and will not be bored. We will visit a lot and not just sit on the beach. I have a new camera which will do a lot with pictures. I intend to spend actively on this trip. I would like boating, visit the city and above all to know new people and especially girls. We leave on Wednesday morning as long journey awaits us.
I have to finish because my mother calling me for dinner. Please give me all your family. Try to write back soon because I can not wait to read about your vacation.

Yours Matthew.
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