Odpowiedz na pytania po angielsku:
1 What are your favourite school subjects?
2 Why do you like them?
3 Do you like art? Do you think it is important?
4 What should people learn at school?
5 Can you name any famous artists or scientists from the past?
6 Which people from history do you find interesting?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.My favorite subjects in school are Mathematics, Polish, WF, Music and Fine Arts.
2.I like because these items are very interesting and varied, easy to learn them.
3.I like. It is certainly important. I think by that you can learn a lot.
4.People learn in school very much.
5.For example, Michał Anioł, Jan Matejko, etc.
6.I think of Michelangelo as an interesting person, because I think that the beautifully carved and painted.