Write a paragraph about a popular soap.Use the texts in this lesson to help you.

-what"s he soap about?
-Where does it take place
- What happened ina recent episode?
-What"s happening at the moment?
- What do you think will happen next?

proszę was o pomoc ja jestem kiepska z anglika amuszęto mieć na już. Nie mam więcej pktów to ni am ale proszęó pomoc. a co d serialu to może być jaki kolwiek np. Pierwsza miłóść



The action is taking place in Wrocław, where the main characters live. Series are presenting fates to Marysia, of Jan, of Kinga, Teresas, of Paweł with which one of heroines is falling in love - Marysia. Serial isn't focusing on the adolescent love, but also on home zagadkacy like e.g. secret events from the past.
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