Dear Dagmara
Hello, how are you?
We are in Sydney on a short holiday. Sydney is beautiful.
There's so much to do here that I don't know where to begin. We get up 10 a. m. and go swimming and sunbathing every day. After lunch we usually go sightseeing. In the evenings we stay at home. We're all looking forward to this weekend. On Saturday we are going on a trip with Anna's. She wants to give us a surprise. We have no idea what it is going to be.
It's really great hare.
Loves, Żaneta and Marta.
Polska wersja:
Historia o duchach
Pewnego dnia 6 lat temu byłam sama w domu i oglądałam telewizje. Gdy poszłam do kuchni coś zjeść usłyszałam jakieś dziwne dźwięki. Ale myślałam, że to wiatr. Zadzwoniła do moja mama i powiedziała, że nie wróci na noc. Było późno więc poszłam spać. Następnego ranka zobaczyłam na stole śniadanie obok którego leżał list, a w nim było napisane: "Jestem wedle zapowiedzi". Nie wiedziałam co mam zrobić. Za godzinie przyjechała mama i opowiedziałam jej o wszystkim. Okazało się, że gdy byłam mała znajomy mamy przekazał jej w testamencie dom. i powiedział jej, że kiedyś nas odwiedzi.
Angielska wersja:
Historia about ghosts.
One day 6 years ago I was at home alone and I watched TV. When I went into the kitchen to consume something I heard some strange sounds. But I thought that it was a wind. She called to my mum and said he wouldn't come back for the night. So it was late I went to bed. The following morning I saw the breakfast by which the letter lay on the table, and in it was written: "I am according to the announcement". I didn't know what I was supposed to do. Too for hour a mum arrived and I told her about everything.
It turned out, that when I was short the acquaintance of the mum bequeathed the house to her. and told her at one time he would visit us.
Hello Paulina,
How are you? I 've just got back home and I am writing to you to thank you for these great vacations we spent togehter. unfortunately it's september, and it's time to go back to school, but I won't forget these 2 great moths in England. I am writing to you not only to thank you, but also I want to tell you what happened to me on my way back home. When I was going back to Poland, it turned out, that someone made a mistake and put me on a plane to USA. I started to panic, but fortunately for me, the plane had an emergency landing in Scottland, so I switched planes and flew directly to Poland. When I was getting on a plane to Poland, I made sure (one one more time) its the right one. Finally we landed on Crakow, where my family was waiting for me. After such a bad luck with planes, I decided that I will take a bus to England next year. I hope that we will spend next summer holiday together , nad they wil be even better than these one.I will be in touch with you. Hope you will write back to me soon. Good luck.
P.S. greetings from Poland to everyone!!!