Upper lock in Opole – one of two Opole locks. Year undressed in 1669. After it a tower built in the end is only remains the XIV age. At present he constitutes the part of a building of the Team of Mechanical Schools by the Rd Osmańczyka. Two views exist about the coming into existence of the castle. One which is stating that he was built before the XIII century as the wooden manor house of the castellan. Second is stating that the Upper Castle was built only in the XIV century by Władysław Opolczyka. In the XVI century he was left allocated for the prison. In the XVII century the chapel of the Upper Castle was given by the Gábora Bethlena prince to Protestants during his rule on the Upper Silesia in years 1622 - 1624. In 1669, during the rule Habsburgów, the castle area was made over to Jesuits. On account of the awful state monks demolished the ruin, leaving only one tower. In 1844 r. she was increased by the fourth storey and they crowned with the neo-Gothic crenellation. In the end the 19th century was built on to the tower secondary school, and in years 1936 - 1937 another wing. In the tower he behaved bricked in ogival portal and blendes, being remains presumably after the gate. From the side of the tower a short stretch of the Gothic curtain wall is.

Zamek Górny w Opolu