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My dog's name is Czika, she is 4 yeas old and she has a ginger fur. She likes long walk with me and her favourite snack is a sosuage but she likes also pedegree food. She is a very clever and happy dog. She does not bark on people but when I was in a danger she would protect me without thinking. I love her very much and in the future I would like to have dog to
My dog is brown. It has large ears and spots on their backs. This breed is the Beagle. Her name is Psotka.
It is 7 months, and it is very pretty.

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Mój pies jest brązowy.Ma duże uszy i plamki na plecach. Jest to rasa Beagle. Ma na imię Psotka.
Ma ona 7 miesięcy, oraz jest ona bardzo ładna.