Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
WAWEL DRAGON, which is a figure appearing in one of the most beautiful legends ...
When I lived a cruel dragon pit slope of the Wawel Castle in Krakow tremble with fear! The beast devoured animals and fowls, and the more you eat, the more demanded tribute. When food supplies were inadequate dragon began to hunt the humans. Convened by the king's subordinates could not overcome the monster ... So resourceful ruler sent knaves to announce in the city, that the person manages to kill the dragon, will receive a great reward. Many adventurers have tried to kill the dragon, but unfortunately nobody did. This struggle gazed intently cobbler. After a few days came up with a brilliant idea! In Stock ... took all his bowels, and skin and put plenty of sulfur and tar. Thus prepared the animal threw the cave of the dragon, who lured the smell of lamb, came out of the cavity and quickly swallowed a good bit. He felt a piercing pain - the fire began to burn his stomach! The giant went to the bank of the river and began to drink water. His belly of a second per second was becoming more ... ! Dragon drink ... Saw ... Saw ... broke up!
In the town fell the joy and the hero has been duly rewarded.
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