Dear ... (imie),

My name is ... (imie). I'm fouteen years old. I'm short and slim with short brown hair and green eyes. I'm a pupil. I come from Poland, Bobrowniki. I live with my family is Bobrowniki.
There ere five people in my family. My brother's na,e is Marek. He's twenty-one years old. He's go short brown hair and blue eyes. Lukas, my brother (two), is tall with brown hair and green eyes. He's seventeen years old.
I live school with two polish girls, Aśka nad kinga. Aśka's thirteen years olod.Kinga's fourteen years old and a pupil. They're very friendly.

Write to me soon

Love ... (imie)

o x o x
Dear Daria
Hey, im writing to you this letter because i must tell you about my holidays.I spent this holiday in America with my family.

This holiday was fantastic!.We lived at the auntie Frania.For her a grandson is staying with her karol so I wasn't bored unduly.In first day we are going to saw the "statue of freedom".It is great place.Next we rode on beach.We swimming all evening.Next we rode to home.Next days were similar not won't a lot wrote at length.

For next holidays also ride there.SI ask my mum whether you could go. Agreed!. So already prepare!.