2) Are you going out at the weekend?
3) Where are you and your family going on holiday this year?
4) What is your best friend buying for your birthday?
5) What are you doing when you leave the school?
6) Are you being famous one day?

2) I am going to the cinema.
3) We are going to Holand on holiday this year.
4) My best friend is going to buy a stud for me.
5) I am going to find a job.
6) No, I am not.

1) What are you going to watch in TV tonight?
I don't know. LUB I am going to watch... ( w miejsce ... - tytuł filmu itp.)
2) Are you going to get married in future?
No, I am not. LUB Yes, I am.
3) Are you going to have an children?
No, I am not. LUB Yes, I am.
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