Mam na zadanie dialog podobny do tego:
nick:Du you speak english?
you: yes can you help you?
nick:I'd like to travel to London next torsday
you: would you like to go by plane?
nick:no it"s too expensive
you by boat
nick:no I'm often seasick!
you:ok by train? you can travel by Eurostar. What time would you like to travel?
nick:I'd like to leave in the morning
you:ok.There's a train at 06:37
nick:oh,that's too early Is there a train at about 10 o'clock?
you: yes 10:19 . It arrivers in London at 11:54
nick:Thank's fine how much is it?
you:you can have a Youth ticket .
single or retrum ?
nick: Single.
woman That's



Mark: Do you speak English?
You: Yes, can I help you?
Mark: Yes, I'd like to travel to New York next week. I don't know how I can get there.
You: Hm, that's a little problem. Would you like to go by plane?
Mark: Is it very expensive?
You: About 100€.
Mark: Oh, that's too expensive.
You: What about train? Would you like to go by train?
Mark: No, I don't like it. There are so many people there.
You: What about coach?
Mark: Pardon? About what?
You: Coach. You know, it's like a bus.
Mark: Oh, I see. How can I book a seat in coach?
You: You should look for some good travel agency. There is one near airport, called "Triada". I know it's really good travel agency. And not too expensive. They have trips to New York.
Mark: When is the nearest trip?
You: Hm, today is Wednesday and the nearest trip is... on Monday... yeah, on Monday.
Mark: What time does it start?
You: About 8 o'clock. Go and ask about it in the travel agency.
Mark: And how much is it?
You: About 30€.
Mark: Thank you very much. You were very helpful.