Proszę o pomoc nt. napisz swój dziennik bezludnej wyspy przez dziesięć dni muszą tam być elementy takie jak coś o wodzie o budowaniu łudki coś o wulkanie itp. proszę o odpowiedzi na dziśi żeby to był sensowny dziennik:)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Ok, let's start ;)

1st day, 20th of July 2005

Yesterday I boarded the ship to Honolulu. I thought it will be the greatest adventure in my life. But I was wrong. At 7 pm was a storm - that was terrible! I was so afraid. Waves and water were everywhere. I don't know how it has happened that I'm here right now. I remember just scream of people from the ship... Now I am alone. I don't know where I am, I just woke up. Nobody is here. So, I think I'll have to live like Robinson Cruzoe. But I hope someone will come and take me home. I found a cave. Somebody had to live here because I see a lot of books and clothes... I'll try to live here.

2nd day, 21 of July 2005

It's my second day here. I've visited all the island and tried to find something to eat. Oh, how I'd like to eat my mummy's pizza! Anyway, I have some fruits. I learn new things. The fireplace is burning! Yes, it's the best information today. Can anybody help me??

3rd day, 22 of July 2005

I can't stand it!!! I want to go home! I dream about my old room that I hate, I'd like to see my terrible neighbours. I think when I'll back home I'll live in another way than before.
Maybe... Oh, yes, I know! My little diary, I have an idea! You're the only person I talk with... I'll build a boat. I'll build great boat. Yes. I can do that.

4th day, 23 of July 2005

Hello, my little diary. You know what? I'm collecting small trees. But now I have no idea how to cut it and build the boat. I'll try to find something in these books here. And I don't like exotic fruits, I want to eat an usual apple. Oh...

5th day, 24 of July 2005

I miss my family. I miss my friends. And I can do that for them. I can go back. I believe it. I made an ax from a stone and a branch. I'm learning how to use it. The fireplace is still burning but noone can see it. I don't want to be here! I started to read a history of some blind girl. I found a book in a cave. That's one of positive things.

6th day, 25 of July 2005

My boat begins look like a boat. I'm happy. Who knows, maybe just a few days and I'll see Donna, mummy and daddy... Nights are cold. I weared that strange clothes. I'm really interested who has lived here before me.

7th day, 26 of July 2005

It's sunday. It's time to relax... I have a kind of holidays. The weather is great, I swam in a see. Luckily there aren't any animals here. I can be calm.

8th day, 27 of July 2005

Let's work. It will be a big day. I'm finishing building my boat. It will look great.

9th day, 28 of July 2005

I tried my boat yesterday. It sinks. I have no hope, no idea. I want to see my friends. But what I have here? I have terrible fruits. strange clothes, a lot of books. And I'm alone. I regret I wanted to go to Honolulu. I could stay home! But... I see the light! I see the light! I go!

10th day, 29 of July 2005

We are on a ship to London. Good people saw my fireplace. I don't understand them, they speak spanish or something like this. What a day! One month and I'll meet mummy, Donna and daddy. I'm so excited!

I think I helped ;)