Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One of the best, the best films of all time. The true face of tragedy interspersed with a hot romance, not only gives the viewer a realistic picture of the historical event, but also the emotions, not just negative, but the positive. The film is almost perfect and certainly go down in movie history, first, we delight in idyllic carefree passengers of the Titanic "mixed with a pinch of pain and misunderstanding. The free movie started so innocently, turns into a terrifying battle with the elements of which man is unable to tame. With the camera we follow evil, who tried to resist, to which people like us are trying to remedy. No viewer does not lose hope for a good ending, even when the tip of the RMS Titanic disappears in the icy water. Well matched actors, great music and a few other important details.
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