I'm going to see the new sci-fi film
i'm going to shop to buy new CD on Monday
i'm going to change my lifestyle
i'm riding a bike at 15
i'm going to visit a doctor on Thursday
i'm going to my homework
i'm going to trening Basketball on Friday at 14;30
i'm going to hairdresser's on Saturday
i'm going to play the computer games
i'm going to meet frends
7 3 7
1. The President will serve for four years.
2. The boss won't be very happy.
3. I'm sure you'll like her.
4. I'm certain he'll do a good job.
5. I think we'll get on well.
1 I'm going to do my homework tomorrow
2 The traffic is terrible. We're going to miss our flight.
3 It's going to be another warm day.
4 Look at the queue. We're not going to get in for hours.
5 Be careful! You're going to spill your coffee.

5 4 5
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.The sun will rise over there tomorrow morning.
-Słońce wzejdzie tam jutro rano.
2.Next year, I'll be 50.
-W przyszłym roku, będę miał/a 50.
3.That plane will be late. It always is.
-Ze samolot będzie późno (spóźniony). Zawsze tak jest.
4.Maybe it will be OK.
-Może będzie OK
5.I'll make the lunch.
Zrobię lunch

1.We are going to have a party evening
-Zamierzamy dziś pójść na imprezę wieczorem
2.Are you going to buy a car?
-Czy ty zamierzasz kupić samochód?
3.We are going to crash!
-rozbijemy się
4.It is going to rain.
-Zamierza padać
5.I was going to buy a car, but it was too expensive.
-Zamierzałem kupić samochód ale był zbyt drogi
5 3 5