Me beloved band is called AFI. All the members are form Ukiah in California. The have formed in 1991 and play alternative rock. AFI is Davey Havok on lead vocals, Jade Puget (guitar player and contribute backup vocals), Hunter Burgan as a bass player and Adam Carson on drums. The band has released eight studio albums for now, their last is called Crash Love and has got premiere about 2 months ago. In 2002 they achieved mainstream success all over the world with album Sing The Sorrow which is the most well-thought-out. What I love in this band the most is the relation with fans, because they really think about them and ocassionally make some competitions which involve fans all over the world. Their music is amazing, very emotional and breathtaking (as well as their concerts). I think that I will always like them, no matter if they will be together for the next 20 years or not.