Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My school is very old but I like it.
In friday, we have got a exams. You know, I hate exams!
In my school we must wear unifrom. It's ok..
Lunchtime, hm... I think it's funny, when with my firends we can playing basketball. We haven't got too much homework. Our's teachears is ok.
I love chemistry and physics.
See you soon.
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I like my school. I feel good there. There are lot's of nice people and lovely atmosphere. It's a mercy in my school we don't wear uniforms. The teachers are demanding but i don't complain. I think the school subjects are very interesting. I like so much sport and biology. Everyday i have to do lot's of my homework and sometimes is so hard. I work very hard, so i think i will pass my all exams.
In all school day i like the most a break. I have lunchtime with my friends then.
Though sometimes in my school is very hard I like this place.

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