Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
He has lived in Germany since the war.
I have learnt English for six years
How long have you painted room?
I have never been to Cancun.
Has she ever been to London?
I have just come back from school.
I haven't done mu homewor yet.
I have already rung to my mother
I have read 100 pages of that book so far
She has seen him recently.
2 3 2
I have lived in this big city since 1983.
Mark hasn't seen Helen for five years.
How long have you been in Spain?
I have never read "The Lord of the Rings"
Have you ever driven a car?
I have just tidied all house.
I haven't done he shopping yet.
It's so early and she has already gone to bed.
She hasn't been to Austaralia so far.
He hasn't been in the cinema recently.
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