Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hmm..Po Angielsku I jakimś kraju? No to np. o Włoszech.

Italy Is A country, Which is a half-island. It means That it is attached to the land, But most of it is on the water. Italy is in a shape of a boot. Italy is famous for lots of things, for example food. Food in Italy Is Delectable. Did you know that Spaghetti or even pizza (The city of Naples gave birth to it) comes from Italy? That's right. Also, Italy is known for one of the countries with best fashion shops in it. In Italy, People speak Italian. In addition to this, People enjoy visiting Italy. The longest River in Italy Is called "Po", And over 75% of Italy is mountainous or hilly. I think Italy Is an awsome country to visit, or to live in.

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