Proszę pomocy!
`napisz email do kolegi lub koleżanki z opisem wypadku` nie musi być długie.. kilka zdań
mam początek. :I didn't write yesterday becouse I had an accident.
It was happened when I have came out of shop.
dobrze? pomóżcie mi dokończyć



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear Diana ( na przykład )
I'm very happy, that you are healthy yet. ( zazwyczaj w listach powinno być odniesienie do poprzedniego listu kolezanki, moze byc oczywiscie zmyslone)
Sorry, that I didn't wrote earlier, but i had an accident.

When I was going to the library, a car punched me. It was horrible!
My arm was bleeding and. I felt down and people beeing there came to me and probably, they wanted to help me. Fortunately ambulance arrived.
I was trying to say them, that I'm alright, but they didn't listen.
Of course it proved I'm really alright, so they let me out.
Oh my Gosh! It was extremaly exciting day!
Write me back fast, miss you
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I didn't write yesterday because I had an accident. It happened when I came out from the shop. I wanted to go across the street to my house when I heard a scream, and a car trying to stop. I didn't know what was happening till I felt a big pain coming from my left leg. I tried to see what had happened, but I fell over and the next thing I knew, was that I woke up at the hospital. The doctor told me that a car accidentally hit me and broke my left leg. He said that I was going to be fine in some weeks, but I need to rest a lot. Hope you visit me someday.
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Dear Tom,
Sorry that I did not write yesterday. I hope you're not angry. I had an accident. This happened when I left the store.I do not remember much.I just saw it going motor racing.He was accosted by my sleeve.He pulled me tightly.Pulled me so that I hit my head on the ground.I had a slight concussion.The head hurts me so far.How about you? As health?
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