Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear XYZ!
I'm in Egipt. This place is fantastic and excellent. I am enjoying (<-spędzam) my holisays with my parents.The waters (<-pogoda) is sunny, hot, staffy and sometimes windy. Every day we go swim in the see and in the evenings we go to a pub or meet our new friend at the disco. Sometimes we go hiking and sightseeing (<-zwiedzać). At the moment I'm eating pizza in restauration with my parents. I'm comming back in next Friday. Regards to your family. (<-pozdrowienia dla Twojej rodziny)

Love from, XYZ.
Dear Tom,
How do you like on your vacation? Why do not you says? Probably you having fun.Where have you left on a trip? Is there someone with you family? Do you like it there?Write me when you return.I hope soon.I greet you.
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