My dream job it's a teaching. I know that it isn't a well paid job, but I always want to be a teacher. I think working as a teacher is good because you give something spacial to young people. It isn't only knowledge and I don't know exactly what it is. I like spending time with children and I think that I have a good contact with them. Children always listening to me andt it's important. Teachers has the longest holidays, two months it's very much, if you work as a buisnesman for example - you could only dreams about two free months. Teachers works in a warm class it's useful when cold and freezy winter is outside. I hope that my dreams will come true but not yet, first I would like to finish school and go to the university, but maybe in the future, who knows.
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My dream work should above all involve journeys, with frequenting different nooks Polish and of world, with getting to know and communing with other cutters. I would like to cooperate with inspiring people, from which it is possible a lot to learn, this Work must give unrestricted development potentialities and he must be a challenge for me, giving feeling that fully I am exploiting my abilities. Moreover she should be connected with a possibility of fast getting the working knowledge and simultaneously consist in doing many projects from different fields so that even for a brief lapse I don't feel the shadow of boredom. I am interested in a work, as the man responsible for recruiting new clients and markets. The company in which I would like to start its professional road is located in a Conclusion.
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