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In my opinion the most interesting place to visit in Poland is the Baltis sea. In particular the city of Gdańsk.The sea is warth visiting in summer because it is warm and sunny.You can swim and sunbath there.The beaches are beautyfull so you can admire the views.Gdańsk is very interesting place for turist. it has got many attractions for example Neptun monument, the old town and many others. What is more you can take a trip on a ship, and when you get borred with the sea you can go shopping and buy souvenirs from Gdańsk for example wonderfull jeverlly made of amber.
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In my opinion the best place in Poland is Olsztyn. Olsztyn, because there Mikołaj Kopernik was born near Olsztyn and see a field labeled, which was fought long ago Battle of Grunwald. There can also be delicious food and a knight's move st. Teutonic almost all of the wood. Mikołaj Kopernik was a geographer and noted that it was not the sun rotates around the earth, but earth rotates around the sun. However, for those finding Kopernik had to be burned.
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