Lech Wałęsa has been born in (to) 29 september 1943 popes. There was fathers (parents) boleslaw 1908 ( – 1945 ) Wałęsa, carpenter from profession (contest), and felix, from house 1916 ( – 1975 ) Kamieńska. It attended schools in (to) Chalinie and 1 [ ] Lipnie. It worked from june for may in working engine center 1961 1967 Łochocin. In (to) 1969 from house danuta poślubił Gołoś, eight children has with which (who) presently.One of son Wałęsy, jaroslaw Wałęsa, there is representative of (envoy of) civil platform on sejm VI term. Daughter, mary of victoria, there was spokeswoman of office of press father. It has taken participation (quota) in (to) 2006 in (to) with stars IV series of program dance TVN, where it has occupied place along with VII Pawłem Godkiem. Oldest son, bogdan, there was officer of gdansk representation STATE SECURITY BUREAU [ 25 ]. Lech is showed since strike in gdansk shipyard in august in public places with characteristic plastic stamp to flap of navy (jacket) 1980 Wałęsa wpiętym. He (it) presents picture of god's mother 26 [ ] Częstochowskiej. In clinic in (to) 27 february 2008 Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center Houston, it has been subjected procedural < procedure > Wałęsa, it implant during which (who) it (him) dwukomorowy rozrusznik-defibrylator and 27 [ ] stent. Lech owns two numbers Wałęsa gadu-gadu 5606334 and 1980. Two leads on part blogi http://www.mojageneracja.pl/1980 and http://www.mojageneracja.pl/5606334. It leads on part / wideoblog http://lechwalesa.bloog.pl. It owns profiles (outlines) on part http://wirtualni.wp.pl/uid, 21895,wizytowka.html and / http://lechwalesa.blip.pl.Postać Lecha Wałęsy znalazła się w kilku światowej sławy teledyskach, m.in. Michaela Jacksona (Man in the Mirror) lub The Scorpions (Wind of Change). Na obu widać prezydenta Wałęsę z końca lat 80-tych.
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