1.Zakresl kółkiem literę obok jedynej poprawnej odpowiedzi.

Perfume. The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind 1)______ be one of the most unusual novels published in recent years. Suskind tells 2) ______ of an orphan or the streets of Paris, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, who was born with no scent of his own. However, his sense of smell is highly developed and he 3)________ create any scent he desires. He even murders people in order to preserve the most wonderful of these human odours to produce the perfect perfume. Who 4)____? Read the book, and find out! The book is superbly written: the reader experiences Grenouille’s thoughts and emotions. However, it would be impossible for the reader 5)______with the hero, because Grenouille’s character is too chilling and terrifying.

1 a must b can c should
2 a to us the story b us the story c the story to us
3 a can b must c has to
4 a does he kill b kills him c he kills
5 a identifying b to identify c identified



1. b) can
Reszty za bardzo nie wiem... może to się chociaż przyda ;P
1 b
2 c -chyba
3 c
4 a
5 a
mam nadzieję że pomogłam.. nie do końca jestem pewna czy to c w drugim