Odpowiedz na pytania w czasie past simple.Pytania sa zadane na temat spędzonych wakacji.
1.where did you go?
2.when did you go?
3.who went with you?
4.how did you get there?
5.where did you stay?
6.how long were you there?
7.was the weather good?
8.what did you do during the day?
9.what was the weather like?
10.what did you do at night?
11.did you have a good time?
12.did you have any problems?



I was in Paris
2. in holiday one years ago
3 I was wit my parents
4I got there by car
5.I stayed in the hotel
6I was for 2weeks
7, Yes the weather was good/
8 I visited the museum in Paris
9 It was sunny,clear sky.
10 I went to the disco
11 Yes I had a good time
12 I didn't have any problems

1) I was at the sea
2) I went in July
3) I went with my parents and friend
4) I rode by car
5) I stayed in a hotel
6) I was there 2 weeks
7) Yes
8) I bought souvenirs
I swam in the sea
I did photographs
I played volleyball
9) The weather was beautiful
10) I sat at the bonfire and later I danced
11) Yes, i met a lot of wonderful preson, it was great
12) Only one, I poisoned fish
1. I went to London.
2. I went there ten months ago.
3. He was with me my friend, James
4. I flew there by plane.
5. I stopped in at the hotel
6. I stayed there for two weeks.
7. Weather was good, very sunny
8. I visited interesting places and I went for a walk
9. The weather was sunny and clear.
10. At night I slept peacefully in the hotel.
11. Very nice to have spent this trip.
12. Yes, I lost my backpack during the tour a big Ben, but, fortunately, is found.