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Dear Sir/Madam.

I’m writing to you concerning a CD player (model.) that I purchased several months ago from one of yours dealers here in Krakow: Mix Electronics Discount Audio. From your ads, I was led to believe that your audio equipment is the best available on the market. That’s hard to believe, considering that I’ve had nothing but problems with my CD player from the day I bought it. For one thing, the tracking mechanism doesn’t work properly. I can never tell for sure what part of the CD is playing. And now there’s problem whit the control panel and volume control, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t works. I took the CD player to the service department at Mix Electronics. When I picked it up, they said they’d fixed the tracking mechanism as best they could, but it still doesn’t work properly. I’m sick and tried of all the problems I’ve had with your product. I hope you will understand my concern. I look forward from you about what you can do to helps solve this problem.

Sincerely yours BJ.