Proszę napisać na ok. 1- 1,5 kartki w zeszycie. Informacje o "Britain" PO ANGIELSKU TO MA BYĆ. Język w miare prosty, mają być opisane ogólnie jakie miasta są w Brytani, z czego słynie itp. Tylko proszę żeby to było ładnie zrobione a nie na odczepnego. Z góry ogromne dzięki i oczywiście dam naj!!!



Verulamium city being located in the area of the current St Albans city in a county Hertfordshire in England (Great Britain) and Ver put on the river was biggest by Londinium with Roman centre in the Britain and from c 60 with capital of the Roman province. In Roman times mainly a Celtic population settled the Britain: Brytowie on areas of today's England and Wales, Irlandczycyi in Ireland, and nonIndo-European people of Picts on areas of today's Scotland. After retreating of Romen at the beginning of the V century, islands became the purpose of descents of Germanic tribes: Anglów, of Saxons and Jutów. In Roman times the Britain stayed upersonifikowana as the goddess. In more contemporary times, is appearing as antropomorfizacja of British nation.
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England is a land of history, which includes the United Kingdom. Commonly properly almost always England and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are used as synonyms. England, whose capital is London, is bordered to the north of Scotland, to the west - with Wales, its territory is south-eastern part of the island. Continental Europe is divided from England, English Channel and North Sea. Surface of England is about 244 820 km ². The official language is obviously English. Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II. England's longest and largest rivers are the Severn (354 km) and Thames (346 km). The biggest cities are London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol and Newcastle Upon Tyne. Undersea Tunnel near Dover links Britain with France. One of the sights of England are: Waddesdon Manor, St Albans Cathedral, Pulteney Bridge, Palace of Beaulieu. To sum up England is a beautiful and historic city worth visiting.