Ex. 1
Write in the plural.
1. I can see a box on the table.
2. He has got a glass of orange juice.
3. There's a man in the room.
4. There's an ox in the field.
5. I can see a mouse in the garden.
Ex. 2
a)Write the plurals of these nouns in the correct box.
-boy,- bread,-strawberry,-lemon,- bus,-glass,-foot,-child,-water,-rice,-cherry,-wife,-wolf,-baby,-chair,-peach,-packet,-box,-potato.
b)Now add two more nouns to each category.



We can see a box on the table
They have got a glass of orange juice
These are a men in the room
These are an ox in field
We can see a mouse in the garden
boys, irregular, strawberries, lemons, buses, gllases, foots, child irre. , waters, rices, cherries, wifes, wolfes, babies, chairs, peaches, packets, boxes, potatos