Complete the dialoque with the words below. Then listen and check.
Oraz prosiłabym o przetłumaczenie tego tekstu.

just (2)
yet (2)

Monica: Well, have you told parents (1) _____?
Ian: Yes - I've (2) _____ told them! Gran's really pleased but my parents aren't too happy.
Monica: Oh dear. I'm so glad that my parents have (3) _____ accepted the idea.
Ian: I'd really like to see you. Have you finished your work (4) _____?
Monica: No, I haven't finished it (5) _____. It's really difficult. Have you (6) _____ felt that you just can't concentrate?
Ian: Hold on a minute...
Margaret: Sorry to interrupt. I've (7) _____ talked to your mum and dad and everything's going to be OK. Oh, and give my love to Monica.
Ian: Thanks, Gran! Did you hear that, Monica?
Monica: Yes, I did. Listen - I'll do my work tomorrow. We need to celebrate!



1) Yet
2) Just
4,5) Yet
6) Ever
7) Just