Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Stress is really common among students. Not only before exams time but almost all the time. Stressfull sittuation can be separation form family, not enought money, problems in relationships with beloved person. There are a lot of things which had to be done on time. To not get crazy students call their parents, takl with friends, take some pills to sleep better. It's not easy to stay calm and well during all this stressfull events. Students live in rush, smoke a lot of cigarettes, drink risky. A lot of their behaviour is unwanted. They rarely visit psychologist but often pubs where they drink alcohol and reduct stress by creating relations with people who are dangerous. Sometimes they take drugs. It's not hart to get addicted. Living life which is full of stress is unpleasent and unhealfull. One stress causes another one. It's like the vitious circle. It's possible to get mental problems when poeple live under stress. The methods of reducing stressamong students are different but usually they not bring relief.
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