“The Uninvited Visitor”

It was twilight. I was in my house and I just came out of the shower, now standing by the sink and looking in the mirror I saw 25 years old woman, tired after the job she hated so much.
Working at McDonald’s was never any of my dreams, looking at beef everyday and people eating it, not knowing what effect will it have on their bodies in the future. But I wasn’t always working in there. I once had a job I loved, a job that interested me and I was perfectly happy with it. I asked myself why did I quit parapsychology, and I could see it like I was there again.
Two years ago I was travelling around the world to find any proof on vampires’ existence. There were a few people drained off of blood, so I stupidly decided to track the vampire by following the deaths like these.
I still can’t forgive myself for being so stupid. It all happened in Romania where I and my fiancé George stayed as I lost the track of the vampire. I was coming back from the shop to the house we stayed in, thinking where we could go next, I was obviously extremely scared to take George with me, but he loved to take pictures of the world so much. When I was at the front yard I realized that the door was open. It was just as dark as it is today so I got in the house and switched the light on. What I saw terrified me. My worst nightmare came true, George was being drained out of blood, by someone extraordinary pale, with long black hair and scary looking posture. I couldn’t believe it, I travelled over the whole world to find a vampire and he found me. In the next second he was next to me, wanting to suck life out of me but I was prepared, I stuck wooden pencil into his chest. The adrenaline and anger made me feel much stronger for a moment I wanted to fight with this creature but he disappeared. I ran to George’s body but it was too late, I burst into tears. I took the camera off of him and called for an ambulance.
After two week from this incident I looked at the pictures he did, smiling when I saw our happy faces, but then there was one picture that shocked me. It was a face of the monster that killed him, with fangs outside his mouth and eyes full of thirst. I kept the picture, never looking at it again. That was my life story, from 2 years I don’t live anymore, I am like a plant. I work, eat and sleep.
I took a deep breath trying not to think about this anymore, and I looked in the mirror again. My phone rang so I fell on the bed to take the call.
“Hello”- I said not knowing the number.
“Hello”- said a deep cold voice from the mobile.
It made me shiver.
“I want my picture” –he said.
“I’m sorry but I thing you got the wrong number” – I said relaxed now, I was sure that someone was just mistaken.
I heard the noise as if someone had throw rock at my window. I looked in that direction and gasped, catching my breath I moved to the wall behind me, not taking my eyes off the ironic smile on the vampire face. Now I knew who called me, and what picture was he talking about. I walked o my wardrobe and took a blue box out of it, the picture was somewhere in it. I started to look through the stuff in there until I found the right picture. Then white long hand pulled it out of my hand. I didn’t know he was behind me; I turned to face the vampire as anger of our last meeting came back. He smiled and said:
“I’m Sebastian”.
He looked at me as I tried to pull the wooden stick out of the blue box which wasn’t that far.
“Not this time”
He said and bit into my neck, I heard myself screaming…

I sat up, breathing heavily with my hear pounding. I looked around and started to relax. I was in my room and he was never here. It was just a dream! I headed to the wardrobe to destroy the picture but when I walked past the mirror I realized that my neck was covered in blood. I went closer to the mirror and looked at the two holes in my neck. I panicked, I looked at myself again and I saw two fangs growing out of my gums.


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