Napisz po 2 zdania do karzdej sytułacji wymienionej poniżej
pc - czas prezent continues
ps - czas past simple

a> Habit/routine - ps
b> temporary situation - pc
c> action happening now - pc
d> permanent states - ps
e> fixed future arrangements -pc
f> timetables - ps
g> actions happening around the time of spiking - pc



A) She always eats sandwiches for breakfast.
I go swimming twice a week.

b) I'm living in London.
I’m looking for a new computer.

c) I'm eating dinner now.
The children are playing computer games at the moment.

d) Mark lives in America.
I like watching TV.

e) I'm seeing my friend tomorrow.
They're flying to Paris next weekend.

f) The film starts at 6 o'clock.
The plane departs at 4 p.m

g) We're having a lot of problems these days.
I'm learning about Present Simple and Present Continuous this week.