Pectus - We play for sensitive person

Pectus was formed in Rzeszów in 2005. The orginals members were Tomasz Szczepanik (vocal), Bartek "Skiming" Skiba (bass guitar), Roman Kielar (? instrumenty klawiszowe?) and Aleksander Fudeli (drums). Tomek write songs and most of the lyrics.

Pectus first album was relased in 200p. First album gained the title of "gold CD". In March 2009 song "Jeden moment" eon programme "Hit generator". In Opole song "Zycie na czekanie" won 3th place in competition. 7th August 2009 team Pectus stepped out on Sopot Hit Festiwal where song "Jeden moment" won 2nd place. In December 2009 pastorale appeared "Jedna z pierwszych gwiazd".

Team Pectus plays pop with admixture wide comprehended rock. In 2009 Pectus this one from the most popular and the best teams in Poland.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
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