Designer labels have come to form an important part of our identification of style and fashion. We have all become accustomed to the social acceptance that comes with wearing the right brands. The labels have in many cases migrated from the inside of a garment to the outside. Common examples of this types of branding are Adidas, Kelme, and other sports and leisurewear manufacturers. A fashion victim, able to recognise this phenomenon but unable to determine its boundary, may become a ‘walking billboard
Designer branding is sometimes associated with a higher quality of manufacture and a more expensive price. The ownership and display of such products of quality is frequently marketed to suggest that the wearer will automatically embody a personal characteristic of quality by association. Designers have identified this fact and in some cases are able to exploit this to the extent that prices can be escalated to surprising proportions without reference to the cost of manufacture. Extreme examples of this type of branding are found among accessory manufacturers such as Versace, Gucci and Burberry, scent manufacturers such as Chanel and Guerlain and watch manufacturers such as Rolex and Bvlgari
Fashion victims, by their characteristic inability to recognize boundaries, may aspire to the extreme end of what is available, seeking expensive products (or copies of these products), believing that the outward display of such items will draw admiration in proportion to their actual or apparent cost. Because of this, "the term 'fashion victim' became the ultimate insult to the aspirational
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Fashion plays in human life is strongest. It's how people see us, often has an impact on how we perceive. What is worse than a bad first impression, which impinges on subsequent knowledge. That is why for centuries people care about their appearance, image, follow the recommendations of fashion. Were this not done, would not be accepted in society.
However, do not exaggerate. On the street you can meet so often. "Fashion victims" who were not restrained in a tune, or worse, badly interpreted the currently prevailing fashion. We meet with such people are reluctant, in my mind criticizing: "This is no taste." An example of a person having zero sense in matters of fashion is an American Paris Hilton, whose costumes can often spice of vomiting. Mixture of 'fashion evening dress, plus stylish sneakers can be likened to a mathematical principle of "two pros give less" - simply can not look at it.
Elegant dress can also be fashionable. I think the conclusion is simple: you must have a sense of where fashion ends and where it begins kitsch, and know how to dress fashionably, yet elegant.

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