Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Laliki-small, charming its quiet tranquility "stopped in time" Beskydy village in southern Poland,
in the Silesia province in the district Żywiecki,
one of the five parishes in the municipality Milowka.
Situated in a picturesque mountainous terrain on the border
Zywiec Beskid Slaski and Beskid Mountains at an altitude of 610-800 m
at the intersection of national road No. 69 Bielsko-Biala - Zwardon
the provincial road 943 to visit Istebna.

It was here at the top of the Lalikach Szklanówka took a decisive
liberation struggle.

Located in Lalikach-branch church of the Virgin of Perpetual Help in 1947, expanded in 1965, is entered
trail of wooden architecture in the province of Silesia.
His folk artists from the interior equip Koniaków and Lalik.
trail of wooden architecture Silesian

Recently Laliki known for "turning point in the history of Polish road construction - building the longest tunnel in rural Poland
which is part of the emerging express road S-69 Bielsko-Biala - Zwardon - Skalite.