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What's one of the best days of your life? Last week I visited my friend, Dale Hall, in hospital and he told me a wonderful story.
"I broke my leg two weeks ago when I feel off my bike. This happened two days before my birthday and I was in hospital for my big day, so of course, I felt really unhappy. I wanted to go and see Mickey Mann , my favourite singer.
He was in town for one night only, and I couldn't go! I felt terrible.
" On the morning of my birthday , I wake up and I saw my mum and dad by my bed. My dad had a big smile on his face. 'Close your eyes', he said happily.
'We've got a birthday surprise for you!' quickly closed my eyes and waited.
Suddenly, I heard a guitar playing loudly , so I opened my eyes and guess who was there! Mickey Mann! He sang 'Happy Birthday!' to me, then we had breakfast together before he went to practise for his concert.
" As he left, he smiled and waved goodbye. He made me feel very special that day. It was definitely the best day of my life!"

Początek już mam : Two weeks ago , Dale fell of his bike and broke his leg.This happened two days before his birthday.He felt ...



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He felt, becouse he rode too fast. It was axcident. He felt terrible. Hes wish for birthday was see Mickey Mann, his favorite singer. When he woke up morning he saw parents near his bed. They've got suprise for him : Mickey Mann was there to sing for Dale! It was fantastic. Dale and Mickey spend all morning to do things together. At last he smiled and vaved good bye. It's a unforgettable day!