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When i wake up i make up my bed and dress up. Then i am going to kitchen and i have breakfast. I am going brush my teeth and i am going to school. I have lot of lessons. I do not like school. I am finishing late lessons. I am going back to my house, i am eating dinner and doing homeworks. When i end them i sometimes going out with friends or playing computer games. I am going to bed at ten pm. That is my day.
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I'm used to gettinp up early so i usually get up at 7 o'clock. The first thing i do after that is brushing my teeth and getting dressed. Then I brush my hair. It always takes me a while as my hair is frizzy and it's hard to keep it under control. When I am ready i pack all the books and other things I need and then I go to school. I always go there on foot as it's a great form of exercise and I really like being outdoors and admire picturesque veiws of autumn. After school I go to english classes and after that I come back home. I finally have some time for myself. I sometimes meet my friends or play computer games but usually I just do my homework quickly so i can go to bed early to have the energy for the next day. After doing my homwork, I eat a dinner wih my family and then prepare to go to sleep. I take a shower, brush my teeth and then I can finally go to bed.
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