E-mail sprawozdanie z wycieczki ma zawierać
1.what country are you writing from?
2.what do you think of the country?
3.where are youbeen and what have you done in the last few days?
4.have you enjoyed the experience?
5.Where are you staying tonight?
6.where and howare you travelibg in thefuture?



I`m writting from Wales in UK. I think that Great Britain is an amazing country, especially the old villages with home made jam and bread.
In last few days I`ve visited so many diffrent places I can`t imagine how I survived. First of all was a Cardiff Castle in a capital of Wales, which is such an amazing city. Then I visited St.Fagans which is "village of time", people and their civilisations are showed from prehistory to the early future. I obvieusly have been to London and saw it`s all attractions like the Big Eye, Madame Tussads Museum etc. Therefore one of my favourite places that I went to was Loch Ness in Scotland which I always wanted to see. Unfortunatelly I didn`t get a chance to see Nessee (the monster) but it was still wonderfull.
I really enjoyed the time spend there, today as my last day in Great Britain I will stay in Mercury Hotel in Cardiff. I`m looking forward to come back here sometime soon. One of my biggest dreams is to visit Australia`s Gold Coast and surfers paradise, so now I hope it`ll come true.

nie mowie ze jest perfekcyjny wiec warto to sprawdzic (poziom gimnazjum). Jakies pytania cleo119@wp.pl