Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Me and my family , often read magazines and newspapers. My favourite magazine is Bravo Girl. I like it becouse I can find there a lot of interesting stuff, like informations about boys, acne, make up and things like that. My dads best newspaper is Gazeta Wyborcza. He reads it every day becouse he like diplomacy and he like when he know everything what is happening in Poland and in the world. My mummies best magazine is Avanti, because she is very fashionable and she wants to look like, like a model. Me and my family really like magazines and newspapers.
I and my family reading newspaper about star. I reading camp rock, because she is very interesting and really, really fascinating. My brother reading newspaper about athlete example bravo sport. My parents reading news-book about film star and interesting actors, actress and singer. My grandparends reading about different stuffs.