Mam to na jutro. Proszę o szybkie zrobienie tego zadania.

Napisz artykuł (100 słów) o transporcie w przyszłości.

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1 No cars or exschaust famous - won't afeckt the ozone layer
2. Speyship- take as to ouder planets for holidays.
3. People use speyship to flay- faster than cars, no more trafic jumps.

trzeba wykożystac teksty które są w załączniku.

2 teksty sie nie zmieściły więc je napisz są krótkie.

i think we will all live on mars in 100 years from today and it will be really exciting! earth will be clean

i 2 tekst

We will have better transport. more cars, more planets. Do we need this? If we make more cars, we have to think what it will do to our land. More planets will affect our ozone layer. Is that right?

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The first station. Airport. We took a small carriage made of fiberglass and foam, whose unassuming appearance did not betray his technical of play. There is space for four to five people, depending on their weight and baggage. Trolley is not rocking, he is not suspended on a rope, and all the movements removes the stabilization system gondola. Is accosted in a very visible rail on an openwork design, and supported on poles a little higher than the lighthouse. We want to reach the center - on the desktop, select the destination address. You can also say it aloud. The system of voice recognition (in several languages) transmit it to the control system, and this will send trolley to the correct station. "Excellent facilities for disabled people - we think. - Get off at the right stop." Elderly people will always have a seat. Our carriage, no one runs to make it to the course, because next to await another. The information system makes sure that at every stop were always waiting vehicles, even during peak hours. Coaches is a lot throughout the network. The system incrementally uploaded in advance gondolas at the bus stops, which provides for the exchange. Such relief shall be parked in scattered around the city "garages silo. Gondolas can be matched in terms of shape and color to the city. Visualization: Arthur Kriaga, ASP Krakow, under the guidance of Professor. Maria Dziedzic and prof. Adam Gedliczki
We sit alone, but do not pay extra for the empty spaces. After a moment the door shut noiselessly. Soft jerk and the city's landscape begins to move outside the window. Noiselessly. After a few seconds we speed already on the streets with a speed of 50 km / h. Faster than standing in traffic cars that bird's-eye look harmless. At 300-400 meters pass stops bocznicowe where stop or how move other gondolas. Some stand ready to go, waiting for passengers.
In addition to the trips, the system allocates the cars, there is no empty runs. We stop only at the end. In the end we are going air train. Self-service. The hotel in the center we are after ten minutes. The course was a bit more expensive than the bus, but much cheaper than a taxi, and yet we rode comfortably and safely. Not stresowało us driving, we arrived quickly at the time of travel, we could place a call or read a newspaper or even watch the news, because every gondola has audio-video. Trolley is under constant surveillance by cameras and sensors, which in the case of acts of vandalism shall draw the attention of people in the center. Would direct the vehicle to stop the police.Yes, this vision of the future. It does not very far from reality. It is possible that this is the will to move fans during Euro 2012, where the only competent people will take the appropriate decisions. Several cities in Poland have expressed written permission to install the system on their territory, and another will join in the near future. So we can be witnesses to a revolution of transport.

nie wiem czy mzoe byc ;] ? jak co to poprawie