You are going to write a profile of a sport, game or craze. Choose a theme. Then make notes to answer the questions. ((((wybieram skating))))

1.When and where did it start?
2.Has it always been popular in every country?
3.Are there national and international competetions?
4.When and where did competetions start?
5.Which people or teams are your favourites? Why?
6.Have your favourites won anything or do they hold any records?

proszę o odpowiedź (((to zadanie na jutro))) z góry dziękuje :P



Moze byc skiing? Bo o skating`u mało wiem ;p
1.It started in 1843 in Norwegia.
2.Yes it has.
3.No.Amateurs people make it sport for an amusement.
4.In this year firs competitions start in Vancouver.
5.My favourite people is Adam Małysz because I like ski jumpers.
6.No,I`m not.

Mam nadzieje ze pomoglam licze na naj ;);*
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