Potrzebuje pocztowki
Jestes na urlopie w nowym jorku napisz do znajomego.

Napisz gdzie spędzam wakacje
podaj gdzue sie zatrzymalem
wymien co ciekawego zwiedzilem
napisz jaki mam prezent dla znajomego.

mam nadzieje ze ktos pomoze :):):)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!

Greeting from New York,
I stay at the hotel "The best". I sightsaw a lot. I visited a lot of museum, shops and another interesting places. I bought gift for you, but I can't tell you what is it. It will be suprise, xyz
Greeting from New York!
Reverence Anna! I am spending these holidays in new york. It is here super! we stayed in the wonderful hotel! There is a lovely view from the window. And pretty boys. I toured everything what was given including beautiful parks, museum. I have the cool present for you! It is a figurine in the shape of the sun which the inscription of "greeting from a distance" is on goodbye!