Proszę pomocy!
`napisz email do kolegi lub koleżanki z opisem wypadku` nie musi być długie.. kilka zdań
mam początek. :I didn't write yesterday becouse I had an accident.
It was happened when I have came out of shop.
dobrze? pomóżcie mi dokończyć



Hey. Sorry I did not wrote to you, but I had an accident. Yesterday I went to the hospital. One day I came back from school, as usual, was driving the bus. I was almost home when I ran into a cyclist. A boy apologized, but unfortunately, my leg was hurt. Parents wanted to fail me to the doctor and the doctor left me for 3 days. Cyclist visited me in hospital and saw the beautiful flowers! What with you? Regards.
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I didn't write yesterday , because I had an accident. It was happened when I came back from the shop. I had to buy a new book, so I went to shop, when I was near the street I saw a car which was very fast speeding. I don't remember exactly what happened because I woke up in the hospital. The shop assistent found me on the street and she phoned to the hospital. Now I am feel fine, but I broke my leg and right hand, my parents was very nervous, but now they feel better too. Police are still looking for the man who was driving this car, I hope they'll find him. If you can just come to me soon!
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hey Juliett !
I didn't write yesterday becouse I had an accident.It was happened when I have came out of shop.When i go out of shop i walk to home and suddenly I saw that two cars had collided with themselves.Im very afraid.I get my phone and i call to police and to hospital.I can so administer first aid I came up to the first car and I tried to save the aggrieved party.In the car was one person.unfortunately I didn't manage for her to save myself. It became worst, the man which was in the car died.Next i went to second car.In this car were small baby and woman.Fortunately for the child nothing happened but the woman was injured lightly.It's not happy end butnow I am trying to wipe this accident out from my memory .

Myślę, że sie podoba :))
Pozdrawiam :)
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