Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello there! (Dear "nazwa firmy" helper/worker)

I have a few questions about Your product's and that's why I'm writing. (I would like to ask You a few questions about Your product) The first question is: why my fridge doesn't have any low temperature? I can't make ice creams. (Would you like to explain why my fridge isn't cold inside?)
I have a problem with the shelf too, she isn't fitted so often I can't close doors of the fridge. (If You can, please change the shelf for one fitted to my model/fridge)
I want to know how does it works because I'm interested in why it's making cold everythink what I'm putting on. Btw. in working one, not in mine.
I'm looking forward for reply and I have a hope You can help me and answer for all my questions.

Mam nadzieje, ze dalem Ci jakis poczatek. Pozdro ;)