I would have some animal. My favourite animal is cat. I like cats. They are so nice and sweet. I think the cats are mysteriuos. They can looking at human for long time. About Cats is many Superstitions e.g black cat means some misery. Cats looks like small tigers or lions. I love this kind of animal.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My favourite animal is dogs. Dogs are very friendly and don't suffer when live with people. I have dog myself. She's name isTina. She is huge, black, pedigree sheepdog. She has her own kennel. Generally she lives in in the garden but during the winter, when temperature is below -10 degrees Celsius, she is allowed to spend the night in the house. She is good dog. When Tina sees a stranger she always bark so all the family know that there is something going wrong. When I come back from school she always welcomes me wagging her tail. She is the best dog I could ever had. I wouldn't change her for any dog in the world.