Napisz przemówienie o dobrych i złych strronach używania zwierząt w cyrku według podanego planu.
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I think we schould use animals because...)




Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear ladies and gentalmans,

We meet today in this place, Nationalyty Circle Adamus to discuss very important and a little forget subject. I want remind You title of this event... its sounds: " Would you wants to be a egzotic animals in circle" I hope you takes this in heart and understand this dificult problems.
Firstly I wish to stress that using animals in circle is only to make happy people... i didn't saw any plus except this. Egzotic animals make laught in face small childrens and paremnts. Its make thats people can see in real animals who live natural of diffrent plase in world. And thats all about pluses...
We should stress that Animals in circle realy suffer... They live under stress. It's look very good but when curtain fall down reality is diffrent. To animals is serve not good food and they only sametimes drink waters.
We shouldn't use animals becouse its terrible to them.. Remember!!! When you keep smiling when see animals they are tired, exosted and realy unhappy!!!