Prosze o pomoc! przeczytaj tekst i dokoncz wedlug wlwsnej wyobrazni po angielsku:
Yesterday evening a burglar broke into a house at 13,Elm street.He climbed through the window into the sitting room.The owner of the house ,mrs robinson ,was at home.When the burglar saw her , he tied her to a chair.He stole some valuable jewels and ran away through the window.Mrs Brown ,the Robinsons neighbour,was at the window of her house when she suddenly saw the thief.She telephoned the police at once.At the same time Mrs Robinson came back home and found his wife tied to the chair.He also telephoned the police.After fifteen minues a police car stopped in front of the Robinsons house.............. i dalej trzeba rozwinac dokonczenie.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The policemen entered the house and saw Mrs. R. When searched the house, it appeared that the thieves not only stole the jewels and diamonds, but also money. After hearing the family proved that they do not know who they were burglars.