Wypracowanie o jakiejś tragedii np.huraganie,trzęsieniu ziemi,powodzi
when it happened
where you were
how people were feeling
what you were doing
what was happening
who was with you
W tym wypracowaniu maja byc odpowiedzi na te pytania!!!Pilne**dzięki z góry;



In 2010 year on Madeira, Portugal island, was a big flood. I was on this island then. People were very frightened and they didn`t go out of their homes. I was sitting in my hotel, cause street was flooded. If you came out into the street, the water you poured on the boots. This big rain lasted 2 days. After that the sun was shining and again it was hot. In this about 40 people died and about 190 were wounded. I was on Madeira with my parents.