Napisz historie, ktora zdazyla sie tobie np. huragan, pozar itp. Opisz co zrobiles/las i wogole przebieg calej sytuacji.
Musza byc 3 akapity w :
1. musi byc - napisane gdzie, kiedy, kto, co
2. musi byc - opracowanie historii ( wydarzenia w kolejnosci, w jakiej sie staly )
3. koniec opowieści; uczucia ludzi

ps. po angielsku. !

prosze o pomoc. ; )



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My story is frightening. And it happened ...
Autumn storm. My mother in the kitchen preparing what they request. I do not know what but it smelled very nice. Lacked its salt that was very much needed in the preparation of this dish so sent me to a store. I set up a garment against rain boots and walked out. The wind was blowing awful. Barely kept up on his feet. I saw several people through the ragged parasols. I thought by themselves after they sin.?! All of a sudden bam ... I turned over on a broken tile sidewalk. And so went the fate that I ran straight into the face of puddles.
After returning home, I told my mother the whole story, of course, it started to upset laugh.I went the room and I said to myself over and over again, never again.!